Spring Training Special

8 weeks of Personal Training with Corey for 3 times per week for

$45 per session

Regularly a 6 month commitment

 “…When you see the pounds and inches coming off because of the motivating and hard workouts, it truly makes you look forward to the next session.”

 “…I have learned through Corey that our minds can really hinder how hard we are willing to try when something tires us or looks too hard, and when you push your brain beyond that pain you really CAN keep running, take one more step, or do one more pushup.”

“… after working out in the Coprorate Office Circuit Class, I’ve lost 16% body fat.”

“…After a little over 3 weeks I began to have more energy, I look forward to my workouts, and the best part is….I have LOST 18 pounds.”

“…My goal was to lose 30 lbs before my vacation, but I was having surgery on my hand and wouldn’t be able to use it very much for 3 months. I don’t know how Corey did it, but his creative workouts allowed me lose exactly 30 lbs by the day before my vacation! Corey is the best trainer I have ever had!”

Corey Galusha is one of the “World Class” trainers that is featured on the new fitness app FITBLOK that taking over the world! If you don’t live in the area or can’t afford training, this is the perfect app for you! If you are short on time and can’t commit to a workout schedule, this app is for you! FITBLOK is the new FREE fitness app that provides you with live streaming workouts with various different training styles and various different trainers that are on the top of their game! If you are unable to make the live streaming workouts. No worries! You can pick up the workout later in the ON DEMAND LIBRARY for maybe the cost of an iTunes song!  Unfortunately, it is only available on the iPad, but shortly it will be available on all platforms! Come find Corey Galusha on FITBLOK and start on your program today!



Is it time to start working off those holiday inches? Here is an awesome 6 minute Ab workout that will help out with those New Year Resolutions! Just click the link and get ready to workout!

Do you need to start getting back in shape but use your age as an excuse? Here is a great workout you can do to be “Fab After 50″!

Did you see our quick resistance cable workout on KING5′s New Day Nothwest? Click the link below to watch it!

Ultimate easy, yet effective, upper-body workout using resistance bands and targeting the abs

Have you been working out but not seeing the results you want?
Are you noticing an urge to get back into shape?

Have you gotten tired of getting no results using machines?
Are you tired of just getting some results and are now ready for … ULTIMATE RESULTS?

Our philosophy is that if we live in a 3D world, we need to train in a 3D world. Meaning, using all plains of motion. We need to learn how to use our bodies efficiently to not only accomplish daily tasks but to avoid injury in doing so. We train our clients from the core out. We first start off teaching form and technique on a couple core exercises and then we teach form on some basic exercises as well as get them started on their Corrective Exercise program which everybody can do at home. Then we start getting harder from there. Our style of training is called HIIT Training. (High Intensity Interval Training) It gets people in the best shape of their lives! All our sessions are 30 minutes so they are very time convenient, but they are intense and will be the best workout of your life!

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  1. Nija

    hello I was wondering if I could do a quick interview with you… It’s for a class project that’s due this wed(4/11). Would only be a few questions. I would have called but wasn’t sure about your schedule

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